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Pattern Imprinted Concrete in Manchester

In this blog post, our team at Superior Driveways in Greater Manchester explain what little work is required for maintaining pattern imprinted patios and driveways. One of the biggest advantageous of pattern imprinted concrete surfaces is that they are incredibly resistant to stains, easy to clean and easy to maintain. When installed correctly by professional tradesmen and maintained with a simple sweeping and washing routine, imprinted concrete will remain in good condition after many years of use.


Superior Driveways have been installing pattern imprinted concrete in Manchester for many years and were one of the first regional and nationwide installers of this functional and aesthetically-pleasing surface option. Imprinted concrete is our material of choice because of its versatility and our skilled personnel are passionate about installing pattern imprinted patios and driveways of the highest quality throughout the UK.


Why is Maintaining Pattern Imprinted Patios & Driveways so Easy?


Choosing pattern imprinted concrete for your home or commercial property in Manchester means saying goodbye to those pesky weeds and unsightly stains which are inevitable with flagstone or block paving surfaces. Due to pattern imprinted patios and driveways being laid as a single, uniformed system, there are no gaps in the surface for weeds to break through. When properly sealed this hardwearing material also becomes resistant to stains, UV exposure and wear.


At Superior Driveways, we apply high-quality acrylic sealant after installing a pattern imprinted concrete patio or driveway. The sealant we use is manufactured by industry-leading experts PICS UK Ltd, for guaranteed results which enhance the colour and contrast of the concrete as well as protecting the surface. Good quality sealant also ensures customers in Manchester and the surrounding areas find their new installation easy to clean.


With pattern imprinted patios and driveways, you don’t need to worry about cracks, breakages, dislodging or sinking. It is extremely strong and stable due to reinforced and air-entrained concrete, which can maintain its solid form even after years of foot traffic. This makes imprinted concrete ideal for busy commercial premises, as well as homes, and is used for many businesses in Manchester and throughout the world.


Simple Maintenance Routine


Although quality sealant and professional installation will inhibit stains and reduce the amount of maintenance required for your pattern imprinted concrete, small steps should be taken to guarantee the longevity of your installation. We suggest following this simple maintenance routine to keep your patios and driveways looking great all year round:


  • Sweep the surface to reduce the build-up of dust and dirt
  • Wash the surface on occasion with a mop and water, scrub or pressure washer
  • Avoid putting large amounts of salt on the surface in cold weather, especially during the first winter after installation
  • Try coarse sand as an alternative to salt in icy conditions to protect the sealant

Why not enjoy the ease of pattern imprinted patios and driveways by having one installed at your Manchester property? Call us today on 0800 3891455 to find out more.