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Pattern Imprinted Concrete in Manchester | The Benefits

If you’ve never considered pattern imprinted concrete as a design option for driveways until now, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll know about the many benefits this durable surface can provide for your Manchester property. At Superior Driveways, we firmly believe that pattern imprinted patios, paths and driveways deliver more key advantages than traditional paving methods – even in comparison to other modern materials such as block paving.


There are four major benefits to imprinted concrete which we’ve chosen to discuss on this page. We hope this information gives Manchester home and business owners a valuable insight into the advantages not just of pattern imprinted concrete, but also in choosing a time-served team of tradesmen who understand this material as well as we do.


Four Key Benefits of Imprinted Concrete


Simple Maintenance


Have patios or driveways laid with flagstones, shingle or gravel and it’s almost inevitable weeds and small invasive plants will find a way to grow through the gaps. This can even be a problem with low-end block paving installations. With imprinted concrete, you’ll never have to worry about unsightly green patches spoiling the appearance of your driveway surface.


This is because pattern imprinted patios and driveways are laid at properties in the Manchester area as a single, uniform installation. Because there are no gaps in the surface, it’s impossible for weeds to muscle their way through to the surface. This reduces the need for regular maintenance, particularly painstaking weeding or the risky use of chemicals.


Luxury Finish at Affordable Prices


Even high-end property owners in and around the Manchester area will have a budget they wish to work with. Pattern imprinted concrete is a cost-friendly option which will lighten the load on your wallet without having to compromise on the final finish. In fact, imprinted concrete results in a more superior finish than most other paving materials.


We can enhance homes and businesses in Manchester with pattern imprinted patios or driveways in a unique and bespoke range of styles, colours and patterns. Rubber-moulded mats are used to impress the effect of brick, stone, slate, cobble or timber into imprinted concrete but with a significantly higher number of benefits than the real thing.


Strong, Hardwearing and Durable


Flagstones and block paving are only as good as the ground preparation work beneath the surface. Sadly, all too many contractors in the Manchester area are looking to get the job finished quickly so they can move on to the next customer. Poor preparation results in sinking and this can leave driveways and patios looking uneven and unappealing.


Imprinted concrete has a base of prescription ready-mix concrete which is reinforced with mixed aggregates and sand to make it stronger. Pattern imprinted concrete is also air-entrained. Both of these qualities result in a stronger, more durable surface that withstands the demands of automotive and foot traffic on driveways at your Manchester property.


Easy Installation with Minimum Disruption


Homeowners will be understandably excited about having new patios or driveways laid until their Manchester properties are taken over by tradesmen. The noise and disruption caused, which will usually run into weeks and in some cases, into months, makes it hard to maintain a healthy life balance. This is never the case with pattern imprinted patios and driveways.


Pattern imprinted concrete installations are completed within 7 to 10 days under most circumstances and for some of this time, the surface will be settling so there will be no tradesmen at all making a noise or creating mess. Imprinted concrete gives our Manchester customers the chance to go about their day without fuss or interruption.

To find out more about pattern imprinted patios and pattern imprinted concrete driveways for your Manchester home or business, call our office now on 0800 389 1455.