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Why Choose Imprinted Concrete Driveways & Pattern Imprinted Patios in Stockport?

If you’re a property owner in Stockport, Cheadle or the wider Greater Manchester area, you might already have a preferred material for driveways and similar hard landscaping installations. At Superior Driveways, pattern imprinted concrete is our surfacing material of choice. We’ve already laid a sizeable number of pattern imprinted patios and driveways for customers in Stockport and there’s a reason why we regard it as the “smarter” option.


No other material in our sector provides as many advantages as imprinted concrete. That’s why we’ve been using it to create patios and driveways throughout Stockport and the surrounding areas since as far back as the mid-1990’s. Today, pattern imprinted concrete is used on all of our projects unless otherwise specified by the customer or client.


Weed-Free and Stain-Resistant – Pattern imprinted patios and driveways have no gaps so there’s nowhere for weeds and other invasive plant species to muscle through to the surface. This results in more time spent enjoying the finer things in life and less time spent on your hands and knees. Imprinted concrete makes life easy for our Stockport customers.


Hardwearing and Weather-Resistant – Come rain or shine, pattern imprinted concrete withstands the demanding British weather thanks to the use of market-leading acrylic sealants from PICS UK Ltd. Driveways and patios created from imprinted concrete are made to last and will keep your Stockport home or business looking resplendent all year round.


Simple, Hassle-Free Installation – Choose to have patios and driveways laid with other surfaces and disruption at your Stockport property could last for weeks. Pattern imprinted patios and driveways are usually finished inside 10 days, and often less, so you’ll never have to worry about tradesmen disrupting your routines for weeks or even months at a time.


Permanent Colour and Texture – The surface of imprinted concrete is created using rubber-moulded mats and a dye is used to create a bespoke colour. The finish of pattern imprinted concrete is permanent so there’s never any need for Stockport home or business owners to have patios and driveways refinished. It is impenetrable to the effects of ultraviolet light.


Low-Maintenance Finish – Pattern imprinted patios and driveways clean easily, they are resistant to stains and, because there are no gaps, customers in Stockport never need to concern themselves with the sudden appearance of weeds. The result is a versatile and hardwearing finish that requires little or no maintenance apart from sweeping and washing.


No Dislodging or Sinking – Choose flagstones or block paving instead of pattern imprinted concrete and you could experience dislodging or sinking if the ground of your Stockport home or business hasn’t been suitably prepared. Imprinted concrete is sturdy and stable, and will still maintain a solid form even after many years of continued use and foot traffic.

Call our office team today on 0800 389 1455, to find out more about imprinted concrete driveways or pattern imprinted patios for your Stockport property.