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Professional Installers of Imprinted Concrete in Wigan

Darren Skillen and the team at Superior Driveways have been using pattern imprinted concrete since it first arrived in the UK, from the United States of America, over 20 years ago. Imprinted concrete has emerged to become the popular choice for new driveways and patios in the Wigan area but very few people know much about this innovative material.


Pattern Imprinted Patios & Driveways – Your Questions Answered


To help you understand pattern imprinted patios and driveways a little better, we answer some of the most frequently-asked questions we receive from Wigan homeowners below:


What is pattern imprinted concrete made from?


Imprinted concrete is laid using prescription ready-mix concrete, a combination of cement, sand and water reinforced with mixed aggregates. This promotes more strength and better air entrainment. Subsequently, pattern imprinted patios and driveways laid in Wigan tend to be more hardwearing, durable and versatile than most other modern surface coverings.


How does imprinted concrete get such unique patterns?


Once the imprinted concrete mix is laid, levelled and tamped, Superior Driveways lay down rubber-moulded mats with unique patterns which create the effect of brick, stone, slate, cobble or timber. Designs for pattern imprinted concrete driveways, with a bespoke colour dye added, provide a unique finished surface for Wigan property owners to enjoy.


Is imprinted concrete strictly for patios and driveways?


No. While much of our work in the Wigan area is focused on pattern imprinted patios and driveways, it also has internal applications. Imprinted concrete is suitable for filling the channels of underfloor heating installations. It is also suitable as a standalone surface in kitchens and bathrooms because it is waterproof but still has unique design qualities.


Does pattern imprinted concrete require much maintenance?


No. Once imprinted concrete has cured, we treat it with a high quality acrylic sealant for total protection. Because pattern imprinted patios and driveways are formed of a continuous surface, there is no risk from weed penetration. Maintenance is absolutely minimal for Wigan homeowners. Just occasional sweeping and wet washing is required.


Will driveways and patios made from imprinted concrete sink over time?


Absolutely not. Superior Driveways choose pattern imprinted concrete for paving projects in Wigan because it never sinks or dislodges. Other materials, such as flagstones and block paving, may end up looking uneven if the ground preparation work hasn’t been completed to a suitable standard through good working practices or use of the correct aggregates.


Will the colour of pattern imprinted concrete fade over time?


No. Pattern imprinted patios and driveways are highly resistant to the effects of bad weather and ultraviolet light. With the addition of a protective sealant, home and business owners in Wigan have the reassurance of an amazingly durable and hardwearing surface which will look as good 10 years from now as the day when it was originally installed.

Interested in pattern imprinted patios or pattern imprinted concrete driveways for your Wigan home or business? Call us today on 0800 389 1455 for high-quality services.